The Escargot Cloche

Week 1 - The Brim

I’m glad we chose the Escargot cloche for our first Metaphor KAL because it is turns out to be lots of fun to knit. As I write this I’ve finished the squiggly part that becomes the brim. I can see the coil turning in upon itself, and I’m about to start the body of the hat.

Knitting is so magical. You work stitch after stitch, and all of a sudden, a snail shape appears. I love it.

How does the KAL work. Pretty easy really. All you have to do is

1. Choose complementary colors of Lamb’s Pride Worsted and place your order for two skeins of it here.
2. Get the pattern here. Download and print the pattern
3. Start knitting and check in here on my blog every week or so to see how the Liz and I are doing on our respective Escargot Cloches.

The KAL begins on Friday, November 23

Week 1 Nov 23 – Nov 29: Work the brim and its snail pattern
Week 2 Nov 30 – Dec 6: Work the body of the hat
Week 3 Dec 7 – Dec 13: Work the crown and do the finishing touches. Wet block.

Now: Buy your yarn. All purchases of Lambs Pride Worsted made from by December 13 will be eligible for the prize drawing described below.

We are offering a First and Second Prize
First Prize: Purchase two skeins of Lamb’s Pride Worsted to be entered into the drawing for a $25.00 Metaphor Yarns Gift Card. Only Lamb’s Pride Worsted is eligible for the prize drawing.
Second Prize: Compute how many potential 2-color combinations there could be with the 35 colors of Lamb’s Pride Worsted that we have in stock. Send your answer to Correct answers will be entered into the second prize drawing for a $20.00 Metaphor Yarns Gift Card. Prize drawings will take place on December 15, 2012. All prize drawings are done with a random number generator program. Staff and individuals associated with Metaphor Yarns are ineligible for KAL prizes. Remember, you can send photos to

This is the beginning of Liz's Escargot